Veterinarian X-Ray Systems


TXR Value Plus
Veterinary System

V1 fixed SID system to fit the smallest of rooms offering a selection of film/CR/DR based veterinary systems that are affordable. With a wide selection of offerings will allow configurations to adapt to your needs.

AmeriComp AV3
Veterinary System

AV3 is a High Frequency System which produces x-ray images with improved resolution and contrast while affording the operator fast , easy technique selection. Ideal for digital imaging with CR or DR. By integrating the generator into the table, there are significant ease of use benefits and requires less floor space.  

Portable Unit for Vets

Portable System

SY-31-100 is an ideal Veterinarian portable field x-ray unit with the included carry case.
100 kVp, 30 mA with a timer range of 0.03-5.0 seconds. Tube current and tube voltage are preset.
Also, a mobile stand (sold separately) available for those times when a portable is needed in the clinic.