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Eva Vet




Rayence EzSensor Vet


EVA-Vet Dental

EVA-Vet leading filmless veterinary digital dental radiography system that produces high resolution DICOM 3.0 diagnostic quality images. Using patented active CMOS technology. Images that are transmitted to any computer via standard USB port.

      • Less radiation

      • Higher Patient and Staff Safety

      • Better Images – Better Care

      • Lower Costs – More net income

      • No chemicals – Environmentally friendly

EzSensor Vet Dental

EzSensor is the latest digital intra oral sensor with round off edges for comfort. EzSensor is equipped with Hybrid CMOS technology to provide the highest image quality. Its plug-in type, USB PC interface for user convenience and simple interaction. The supreme quality of diagnostic images provided by EzSensor is essential to a successful implant surgery and endodontic treatment. EzSensor improves the practice management efficiency by shortening the processing time for a diagnostic image without the hassle of film developer and dark room.