PowerPACS® DICOMmail

DICOMmail is a DICOM-thru-email solution. That allows a user to simply drag-and-drop files; converting JPEG, GIF, and/or BMP images into DICOM format, if needed, and then clicking Send. The receiver can view the images in the Basic RSVS Viewer (free basic viewer) after a quick and easy Internet download of DICOMmail application.
Handles Structured Reports, ECG and Hemodynamic Waveforms, Encapsulated Documents, Key Image Notes, etc.

PowerPACS® Image Importer

Image Importer provides the ability to import studies from outside facilities seamlessly into your current PACS. Images are easily imported and consolidated to conform to your own unique PACS environment by allowing multiple methods of DICOM or non-DICOM importing. Dynamic configurations, powerful matching algorithms and multiple safeguards combine to ensure the imported data will flow effortlessly.

PowerPACS® Document Scan

Document Scan product to digitally store any medical document for archiving purposes. Captures documents in a paper scanner, integrates associated patient and study date, and converts the images into DICOM format. Now any handwritten or printed documents can be distributed, archived, retrieved, viewed or printed with any CICOM-compliant PACS.