Rayence Xmaru Acquisition and Viewing Software


View V1 Xmaru

View V1 is the most flexible diagnostic acquisition software available for today’s healthcare provider. XmaruView console drives the Xmaru panel series to its full potential and uses the industry’s best algorithm parameters for the highest quality diagnostic images. Software comes with standard features like DICOM Modality Work List, Image Stitching, DICOM Print, and DVD/CD Burning with viewer.

Chiroview Xmaru

Chiroview delivers today’s most advanced and complete chiropractic digital imaging acquisition and viewing software solution. Allows image viewing throughout the office. Also, allows the import of DICOM images from outside facilities, burn images to a CD/DVD or USB memory stick, and print to a paper printer. With industry leading chiropractic measurement tools and easy to follow tutorials on how to properly apply the measurement overlays, Rayence provides Chiropractors a sensible and economical Digital X-Ray solution.

VetView Xmaru

VetView is the optimum choice when it comes to an efficient workflow at high quality. An X-Ray acquisition console software for image acquisition and processing through the operations of the flat panel detector. Integration software for automatic image optimization, imaging processing for quality diagnostic use and easy observation for bone & microstructure noise suppression. VetView is complete image management software featuring easy data searching, fast image acquisition, and user friendly functions.