PACS Solution for Small to Large Medical Facilities

PowerPACS® Archive Server

PowerPACS Archive Server is the keystone of RADinfo Systems total PACS solution. As a fast and reliable repository for DICOM images and related medical information. Can store, route, manage and retrieve millions of images. Works with any DICOM compliant modality.

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PowerPACS® Telerad Server

PowerPACS Telerad Server guarantees the rapid and secure transmission of DICOM images, whether it is to the other side of town or to the other side of the planet. It can route images on either a regular scheduled or on-demand basis. A secure and reliable communication channel.

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RSVS DICOM Viewer is a fully functional, easy to use viewing station. The RSVS offers a powerful, sophisticated viewer that presents the viewers with a fully-integrated, easily accessible toolset, including measurements, annotations, key image notations, digital templates, MRP, MIP, and 3D views, all available with a single click of a mouse.

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PowerPACS Web Server

An on-demand world, patients and referring physicians expect rapid results. This is the solution for meeting these escalating expectations, while maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient records. Using no more requirements then Internet Explorer™, clients can view studies over the web from anywhere with internet access, using a scaled-down version of the RSVS viewer.

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