Digital Systems

The three main detectors used for digital imaging are: (DR), or "digital radiography" also called flat-panel detector; (CR) or "computed radiography", based on storage phosphor image plates; and (CCD) charged coupled device detector.

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PACS Solutions

Center for storage, transmission, and archive of DICOM images from all imaging modalities. Delivering images to workstations for review and interpretation and archive for storage and future retrieval.

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Imaging Equipment

Imaging Equipment: General Radiography with table and upright, URS ("C" type configruationth with movemable table); Chiropractice with upright and/or tilting bucky without table; Veternary with small table and controls intergrated into the table; Portables ...

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Archiving and the Enterprise By Beth W. Orenstein Radiology Today Vol. 16 No. 7 P. 12 – July 2015 As image and other data needs become more complex, virtualized solutions increasingly protect against real disasters, but many facilities and vendors are not there yet. Traditionally, data backup and disaster recovery were part of an imaging […]

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