New Radiology Accessories That Are Making Waves

Everyday there are advances in the technology that medical professionals use in the workplace. It’s our job to make sure that we’re offering our customers accessories that are on the cutting edge in our field. Whether it’s radiolucent positioning aids, heavy-duty receptor covers or protective x-ray eyewear, we stay on top of what’s making waves in the medical community so we can offer them to our customers. Here are a few such products that represent the cutting edge of radiology accessories.

4 MIL Imaging Plate Receptor Covers – The strength of these receptor covers have made them very popular items for technologists. Heavier imaging plates are expensive items and the 2 MIL covers just won’t do. We’re sure you’ve experienced breaks or tears of 2 MIL receptor covers when placing them over DR imaging plates – hence the need for these heavy-duty imaging plate covers. You still need to be careful when placing any heavy imaging plate inside these bags, but the difference between the 2 and the 4 MIL cover is huge for technologists and will go a long way towards securing your heaviest of imaging plates.

Occipital Head Supports and Phlebotomy Wedges – Our Stealth Cote and Stealth Core positioning sponges have been a revelation, not just to our customers, but to us, as well. We’ve found that the materials and designs that go into these sponges offer so many practical uses. Occipital Head Supports and Phlebotomy Wedges are just two more examples of how this radiolucent, stain-resistant material are proving themselves to be invaluable positioning aids for procedures of all kinds.

New Protective Radiation Glasses – Our protective radiation glasses give customers superior protection with a higher level of comfort seen in outdated lead glasses. We’ve added to our catalogue of protective glasses with the predator, cruiser and astro-guard economy glasses. All three offer wearability and protection that is not only the highest of quality, but also as stylish as you could hope for. They’re lightweight to the point that you’ll practically forget you’re wearing them during a procedure. They also provide a large field of vision and protection from scatter radiation so you can rest assured that you’re getting all the shielding you need.

When it comes to new products, Techno-Aide has made it a priority to be forward-thinking so we can deliver our customers a higher class of radiology accessories. We’ve accomplished this by offering only the best products on the market. What we don’t make in-house, we search high and low to find products that are designed to improve upon the industry standard and make the lives of technologists a little bit easier. Come view all of our radiology accessories to see first hand just how we’re putting your needs first.

Written by Techno-Aide on July 30, 2015

Posted in Accessories, Radiology.