Medlink Imaging’s datalink


Offsite Data Archive and Disaster Recovery Service

datalink Data Archive Service, is a fully managed Medical Backup Solution and is automatically backed up and monitored under a fully managed HIPPA Compliant Archival and Disaster Recovery Service Platform. datalink, will be configured to monitor and maintain all backup set to ensure that patient data is properly backed up and made readily available upon disaster scenarios.

datalink Services

  •  Backup any type of data from (Digital Imaging, PACS, HER/EMR, office and more…)
  • HIPPA Compliant to meet the requirements: 164.312(a)(2(ii), 164.312©(1), doctors must institute a mechanism to ensure the accessibility and integrity of all electronic patient information in the event of an emergency. Emergency being defined as, natural disaster, system failure, etc.
  • datalink is based on the amount of annual data and licenses per device, (Server, Computer). Any number of individual licenses may be purchased for each device to build a plan to accommodate the combined amount of data from each device.
  •  datalink is a complete turnkey solution, that takes away all the guesswork and day to day operations of your backup plan.