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ImageWorks Corporation/AFP – The Leader in Veterinary Digital Dental Imaging, Acquired.

Blackstone Holdings, LLC, announces their acquisition of the Veterinary Division of ImageWorks Corporation/AFP. The new company, ImageWorks Veterinary, will focus exclusively within the animal health imaging market.

Denver, CO (February 4, 2014)—Blackstone Holdings, LLC (Denver, CO) has acquired the veterinary division of ImageWorks Corporation/AFP (Elmsford, NY). The new company will operate as ImageWorks Veterinary. Continuing the “Made in the USA” tradition, all operations and manufacturing have been relocated to Colorado.

AFP was the first company to introduce digital dental imaging to the animal health industry in 2004. ImageWorks Veterinary will continue manufacturing the same trustworthy and easy-to-use products, including the EVA Vet™ digital dental sensor. The new company will have improved focus on world-class customer service, guaranteed product availability and innovation with the introduction of the NewTom 5G VET, 3D Imaging System™.

The revolutionary NewTom 5G VET, 3D Imaging System™ delivers to veterinarians 360° of high resolution advanced diagnostic information. “Unlike CT and MRI imaging systems, the NewTom 5G VET™ has a smaller footprint, is more reasonably priced and affordable to maintain.” says David Miller, VP of Business Development, at ImageWorks Veterinary. The system obtains a 3D data set in seconds by projecting a cone shape, low-level X-ray dose, scanning in a single revolution around the patient. Rapid scan time and significantly reduced X-ray exposure benefit the patient and the veterinarian.

“We are very excited about this acquisition because it comes with 30 plus years of experience in imaging solutions and the ability to roll out ground-breaking new technology. Our corporate tagline describes our culture and the way we do business: “Dental imaging equipment you can trust.” Our goal is to solidify our position of leadership in the veterinary dental imaging market. We encourage you to give us an opportunity to earn your business.” says David Miller. “Since the acquisition, our customers have already seen an improved level of quality and customer service.”

For more information on ImageWorks Veterinary Equipment, visit: A-D Imaging Veterinarian Dental X-Ray or Digital Image Sensors

ImageWorks Veterinary manufactures high quality, affordable, easy to use dental imaging equipment. Its products include EVA Vet™ digital dental sensors, Image-Vet™ 4G and Image-Vet DC™ intra-oral x-ray systems, and the NewTom 5G VET 3D Imaging System™. ImageWorks Veterinary has the experience of over 15,000 installations worldwide supported by world-class service.


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