Georgia X-Ray Regulations for Imaging Equipment

X-Ray Facilities Programs and Services Georgia Department of Community Health

An X-Ray is any manufactured product or device, or component part of such a product or device, or
any machine or system which during operation can generate or emit radiation.
•    Electrical equipment that produces radiation incidental to operation for other purposes and that does not
produce radiation greater than 0.5% millirem per hour at 5 cm from any readily accessible surface
•    Radiation generators while inoperable or in transit or storage
•    Any X-Ray machine used by the federal government
Type Regulation:
Any person that has x-ray equipment must register. All mammography x-ray machines (except those
used exclusively for stereotactic mammography) are also inspected for compliance with the federal
Mammography Quality Screening Act.

To obtain more information about Mammography, visit the FDA website: Mammography

Legal Authority:
O.C.G.A. § 31-13-1, Title 31-Health: Chapter 13-Radiation Control; Article 1-Short Title (Georgia Radiation Control Act).
Rules and Regulations for X-Ray. Chapter 290-5-22, effective July 12, 1989.

General Licensing and Enforcement Requirements, Chapter 111-8-25, effective August 3, 2010
X-Ray Initial Licensure Packer (12-29-2001)

Federal: Conditions for Coverage of Specialized Services Furnished by Suppliers, CFR Title 42, Chapter IV,
Part 486, 486.100 through 486.110 (Portable X-Ray Machines).

Fees:   Registration: $300 initial application fee
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