General X-Ray Systems



URS Advantage Plus
by TXR

Universal Radiographic System offering a choice of configurations that will accurately meet the needs and financial concerns of various imaging facilities. Paired with high frequency generator to produce high quality DR, CCD, CR or film images.


Radiographic Suite
Advantage Plus by TXR

Affordable general purpose systems that can be configured with a choice of tables, tube stands and generators to accomplish a wide range of table, wall stand and wheel chair examinations tailored to meet your needs and patient load.


Mi X-Ray System

Radiographic System with four way float top table, manufactured with the highest quality and affordable prices. A full line of imaging equipment that includes elevating and non-elevating tables, with up to a 650 lbs. patient rating. Ideal for Imaging Centers, Urgent-Care facilities, Private Practice.


Upright X-Ray System Universal Raymaster

Economical Radiographic System ideal for Chest X-Rays but allows for a full range of upright radiographic studies from skull to lower extremities.