DR and CR Holders


Gymie Pod

A clever solution for film cassettes, CR cassettes and DR panels. This is an innovative positioning device which allows workflow to be more efficient. Perfect for cross table work, sunrise knee, extremities, axillary shoulders or adjust for any creative shot you need.

Mobile Holder

Mobile Holder TechnoAideHeavy DR/CR image receptor. Non-Tilt and rotate. Holds up to 20 1/2” DR/CR plate with a maximum weight of 22 pounds

Tabletop Holder

Tabletop Plate Holder TALateral Cassette/CR or DR Plate Holder. Upper and lower channels slide on 24” post. Will accept grids and caps (channel is 1 1/4”)



AP Weight Bearing Receptor

Provides supportive platform when patient is required to stand on receptor. Accommodates DR panels, CR and analog cassettes. Supports up to 800 pounds.

Lateral Weight Bearing Platform

Weight Bearing PlatformAllows for weight bearing imaging of the knees, ankles, and feet. Three receptors slots on top platform and two on bottom platform. Supports up to 350 pounds.