Cloud based PACS delivers both the computing and storage power over the internet. The increased computing power allows you to view and manipulate hundreds of large images using hand-held mobile devices like the iPad and Smart Phone. InVision Cloud eliminates the “obsolescence” of purchased technologies. No forced hardware or software upgrades. The Cloud is always on and not susceptible to events like hard drive failure or bad unusable backups.




InVision Cloud is Powerful

  • Accessibility to images and imaging data from any internet connected device.
  • Unlimited InVision Cloud user accounts
  • Viewing of exams can be done from anywhere, anytime on any device you choose (iPad, iPhone, Laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet)
  • The viewer is the most user friendly on the market today and lends itself to both touch screen and mouse action
  • The viewer is identical regardless of the device you choose to use
  • Store and view images and reports together
  • Imaging data loads instantly, even over 3G or 4G
  • Safe…Secure… FDA and HIPAA compliant





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