Chiropractic X-Ray Systems


Universal Upright
Raymaster X-Ray System

Economical Radiographic System combines the VS 100 wall stand with the 3307B tube stand to meet specialized radiographic needs. Ideal for Chiropractic X-Rays with extensive vertical travel. However, great for a full range of upright radiographic studies; from skull to lower extremities.

TXR Value Plus
VertEx System

VertEx is one of the most affordable digital or film/CR systems that adapts to the practice that wants affordability, versatility and reliability to perform upright and extremity images. Combination of a variable tube stand and tilting wall stand delivers the flexibility to accomplish a wide variety of upright views.

TXR Value Plus
17×17 Upright System

Budget friendly upright Radiographic System ideal for Chiropractic X-Rays. Incorporates safety, reliability, value, quality and ease of use. Tube stand has 72” floor track, wall stand a 17”x17” grid cabinet with 10:1 grid. Add a high frequency generator for a complete system.