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Charge-coupled device detector is comprised of a large Field of View (e.g., 43 cm by 43 cm) scintillator that converts absorbed X-ray energy into light. It also includes an optical lens assembly to focus the light onto the photosensitive CCD array, and a CCD camera to integrate, scan and output the corresponding light image. CCD-based detector is typically comprised of a single-compound optical lens and a high-resolution CCD camera comprised of 9-16 million pixels. The photosensitive area of the CCD chip is actually quite small, on the order of 2.5 cm × 2.5 cm to 4.0 cm × 4.0 cm, which is required to maintain extremely high charge-coupling efficiency and low-noise operation during the readout of the image. Thus, there is a large optical demagnification that is necessary to focus the full FOV light image onto the CCD sensor. Image quality is determined by the demagnification factor, conversion efficiency, luminance and directionality of the light emission.






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Chiropractic or Chest Radiography


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