New Radiology Accessories That Are Making Waves

Everyday there are advances in the technology that medical professionals use in the workplace. It’s our job to make sure that we’re offering our customers accessories that are on the cutting edge in our field. Whether it’s radiolucent positioning aids, heavy-duty receptor covers or protective x-ray eyewear, we stay on top of what’s making waves […]

Improving Patient Experience

Improving Patient Experience – 3 Rules For Interpersonal Patient Care Radiology departments across the country have been taking steps to change the way we think about patient care in order to provide an environment that is more focused on the patient’s experience. In order to take patient care to the next level, we need to […]

Seeing the Future of Eye Protection

Seeing the Future of Eye Protection in Your Workplace If there’s one part of the anatomy that has been studied over and over again in terms of its vulnerability to radiation, it’s probably the eyes. We know much more today than we knew just a decade ago about the threshold of radiation exposure to the […]